Big Ambitions Key Art
Big Ambitions Key Art
Big Ambitions Key Art | Courtesy of Hovgaard Games

‘Big Ambitions’ Seizes the Day: Major Update Announced

Viral hit business sim enhances gameplay with new businesses and substantial quality of life upgrades

‘Big Ambitions’, the celebrated business simulation game that’s been taking the gaming community by storm this spring, is set to launch its first significant update today. This update, touted as the most substantial since the game’s successful release, is packed with exciting new features and extensive enhancements, aiming to further cement the game’s standing in the gaming arena.

On the list of new features, players will find two new types of businesses to set up and run: fruit and vegetable stores, and graphic design firms. Broadening the scope of gameplay, these additions will offer more diversity and new challenges for our budding entrepreneurs. Along with these new business types, gym facilities are now part of the landscape, equipped with fresh clothing options. These additions allow players to exercise, boosting their in-game health and happiness scores.

Big Ambitions: Early Access 0.2 is here! | Trailer

Furthermore, a new wholesaler, Total Produce Trading, enters the scene, providing an expanded array of products to sell across the existing store network. This will offer more dynamic trading options and increase the intricacies of managing supply chains.

The developers at Hovgaard Games have not merely added new features, but also implemented vast improvements to existing systems. These include a health insurance benefit for employees, tweaks to the auto-save function and significant quality of life enhancements to amplify player enjoyment. Notably, players can now delete text messages on their in-game phones, manipulate time to slow down the pace, and kindly inform Uncle Fred that his assistance is no longer required.

This release marks the first in a series of key Early Access commitments laid out on Big Ambitions’ public roadmap, demonstrating the developers’ dedication to continually improving and expanding their game.

The developer of Big Ambitions, Hovgaard Games, based in Copenhagen, is an independent studio focused on producing high-quality casual management games. Big Ambitions is available now in Early Access on Steam with an MSRP of £19.32 / 22,99€ / $22.99 USD.

So, intrepid entrepreneurs, what are your thoughts on this major update? Are you excited to run your own fruit and vegetable store or graphic design firm? Is this a game you’d like to see me stream? Share your opinions in the comments section below or join the discussion over on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. I’d love to hear your initial impressions and any strategy tips you’d like to share.

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