An Everyday Story
An Everyday Story
An Everyday Story | Courtesy of Cactus Productions

An Everyday Story: Unfolding Memories in Cactus Production’s Innovative New Demo

Bergamo-based game developer Cactus Production has announced a new demo for their upcoming 2.5D story-driven platformer, An Everyday Story, as part of the eagerly anticipated Steam Next Fest. Scheduled to go live on June 19, this demo promises to reveal the fantastical, whimsical, and occasionally melancholic world of this engaging new title.

An Everyday Story is not your typical platformer. It invites players on a heartwarming journey through the life memories of its protagonist, viewed through the lens of three treasured trinkets – toys that signify significant moments in his life. With themes of longing, nostalgia, forgiveness, and family, players are bound to connect deeply with the game’s protagonist and his tale.

An Everyday Story | Announcement Story

The innovative gameplay mechanics of An Everyday Story pivot around these trinkets, each representing distinct parts of the main character’s life. Each toy carries its unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities that tie into the narrative’s pathos.

The Tin Soldier, a well-rounded figure with decent resistance to fire and water, boasts abilities such as a grappling hook, a sucker gun, a parachute, and a lighter to illuminate dark areas. The Bat Origami, offering high mobility yet low fire and water resistance, has the ability to glide, double jump, and thin itself to slip through tight spaces. Lastly, the Wood Ship, though slow, can navigate water, interact with objects through an anchor, and even break down obstacles to create new paths.

The balance between these different capabilities, the poignant narrative, and the charming 2.5D platformer aesthetic of An Everyday Story is set to offer an immersive and emotional gameplay experience.

Cactus Production’s involvement in Steam Next Fest with the demo of An Everyday Story illustrates the growing anticipation for this title. The event, which is renowned for showcasing innovative and ground-breaking indie titles, is an ideal platform for Cactus Production to engage potential players and get the gaming community buzzing.

So mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in the nostalgia-driven, emotion-filled world of An Everyday Story this coming June 19 at Steam Next Fest.

Before we go, here’s a challenge for our Gaming.Buzz Community: Which of the trinket’s abilities do you think will be most useful in your exploration of the main character’s memories and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or join the discussion over on our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord!

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