Station to Station Key Art
Station to Station Key Art
Station to Station Key Art | Courtesy of Galaxy Grove and PRISMATIKA

All Aboard the Chill Train: PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove Announce Station to Station

A Relaxing Railroad Sim with a Twist Pulling into Your Gaming Station in 2023!

Hello, all you lovely Gaming.Buzz readers! Grab a cuppa and get comfortable, because we’ve got some exciting news to share. PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove have just announced their latest creation, and it’s sure to get your gaming senses tingling. Let’s dive into the world of “Station to Station,” a chill, minimalist railroad sim set to pull into Steam later this year.

“Station to Station” is not your typical, nerve-wracking, edge-of-the-seat gaming experience. Instead, it aims to provide a relaxing and peaceful journey where you’re tasked with transforming a small, rural world into a vibrant, lush environment full of life and colour. It’s all about placing stations and creating connections to foster growth and expansion. So, dust off your conductor’s hat and watch the beautiful, tilt shift-inspired, voxel-art world come to life.

Station to Station | Announcement Trailer

What’s more, this isn’t just a sit-back-and-watch sort of game. Aspiring conductors will traverse through a variety of colourful biomes, breathing new life into dry desert sands, and transforming untamed mountain terrain. As you lay down the tracks, watch as a tranquil world springs to life with a beautiful tapestry of flora and fauna.

But it’s not all relaxation and zen. For those who love a good challenge, each level of the game offers its own optional challenges, stack bonuses, and unique mechanics tied to every biome. Whether you’re seeking a chill out time or a brain teaser, “Station to Station” has got your back.

So, what do you think, Gaming.Buzz readers? Are you excited for this new take on a railroad sim? We’re eager to see how PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove’s latest creation will change the game when it arrives on PC later this year.

Join us in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord or comment below with your thoughts on “Station to Station”. Are you excited? What are you most looking forward to? Let’s get this hype train rolling!

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