Station to Station Key Art
Station to Station Key Art
Station to Station Key Art | Courtesy of Galaxy Grove and PRISMATIKA

All Aboard the Calm Express: ‘Station to Station’ Demo Released

Prismatika and Galaxy Grove bring tranquillity to the gaming scene with their cosy, railway sim demo.

The excitement is palpable in the gaming community as PRISMATIKA, the Berlin-based game publisher, and Galaxy Grove, a creative game studio from the Netherlands, release a demo for their cosy, minimalist railway sim ‘Station to Station’. The demo is now available for download via Steam, giving players a chance to enjoy a sneak preview of the relaxing gameplay before the full release later this year.

‘Station to Station’ offers a refreshing take on railway simulators, inviting players to don their conductor’s hat and immerse themselves in the magic of railways. The demo allows players to dip their toes into a small rural environment that they can transform and expand by placing and connecting railway stations. As the landscape evolves, it gradually becomes a rich tapestry of flora and fauna, resulting in a beautifully lush, voxel-art biome bursting with colour.

Station to Station | Demo Trailer

The demo promises a soothing, tranquil experience, featuring the first three levels of the game and two unique trains, providing an ample dose of chill vibes for the players. The developers have indeed encapsulated an ‘Immersive Dose of Relaxation’ in this cosily crafted demo, with its soft aesthetics, calming soundtrack and the opportunity to explore one of the three unique biomes.

Another key aspect of the game introduced in the demo is the card system. This element brings strategic depth to the game, giving players the option to expand their rail network more effectively. Additionally, the demo offers optional objectives in the second and third levels for those who crave a little extra challenge.

The demo also provides a glimpse into five unique industry types, each boasting its own distinctive buildings and resources. This feature is just a taste of what to expect in the full game.

Despite the initial language restriction, the demo will only support English at launch, but promises to add more languages in the coming days.

PRISMATIKA, known for its hands-on approach to game publishing, has previously brought some notable indie titles to the forefront of the gaming industry. They’ve joined forces with Galaxy Grove, led by industry veteran Joost van Dongen, famous for Awesomenauts and Proun, for this relaxing journey into railway management.

‘Station to Station’ is a captivating blend of management and building gameplay, with the demo proving it to be a promising contender in the 2023 gaming scene. It not only entices with its refreshing gameplay but also with its potential for endless relaxation and tranquillity.

If you’d like to try Station to Station the free demo is available to download on Steam now.

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