Last Train Home Key Art
Last Train Home Key Art
Last Train Home Key Art | Courtesy of THQ Nordic

All Aboard ‘Last Train Home’: A Gritty Survival RTS Set in Post-WWI Russia

Ashborne Games Announces New Game Fusing Historical Context with Immersive Gameplay

A new and unique gaming experience is about to pull into the station. ‘Last Train Home’, announced today by developers Ashborne Games, based in Brno, Czech Republic, immerses players in the grim and chaotic aftermath of the First World War, where survival depends on strategic thinking and swift decision-making.

As commander of the Czechoslovak Legion, players find themselves stranded amidst the terrors of a civil war in Russia. The mission is clear, yet challenging: lead your men through this new theatre of conflict and bring them home safe and sound.

Last Train Home | Announcement Trailer

This thrilling journey takes place aboard a resilient armoured train, cutting through the treacherous icy expanse of Siberia. Here, players will face relentless challenges and make decisions that could mean life or death for their crew. Your resource management skills, tactical prowess, and combat abilities will be put to the ultimate test in a world that pushes you to your limits.

Every aspect of ‘Last Train Home’ has been designed with an acute attention to detail, providing an in-depth portrayal of post-war Russia’s grim atmosphere. From the icy Siberian plains to war-ravaged cities and villages, the meticulously crafted landscapes set the stage for this intense odyssey.

Engage in real-time battles, use strategic methods to outsmart your opponents, and ensure your crew’s survival. Remember, every decision you make will have consequences, affecting your crew’s fate and determining whether they will ever see their homeland again.

‘Last Train Home’ is not just a game – it’s a multi-faceted experience. The game allows players to direct their soldiers in non-combat roles, assign medals, manage resources, trade supplies, and make allies. Furthermore, the train itself can be upgraded and maintained, adding another layer of strategic play.

Historical accuracy plays a major role in ‘Last Train Home’. The game is a compelling narrative that accurately portrays the experiences of the Czechoslovak Legion during World War I. For players wishing to delve deeper into the historical context, there’s a detailed Wikipedia article.

Prepare to embark on a journey unlike any other in the world of real-time strategy games. ‘Last Train Home’ is set to arrive on PC, bringing with it an unmatched level of strategic gameplay and historical immersion. Last Train Home is available to wishlist on Steam now.

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