Dead By Daylight: Alan Wake | image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive

Alan Wake Joins Survivours In Dead By Daylight

The multiplayer horror survival game Dead By Daylight welcomes a new survivour to The Fog – Alan Wake from the Alan Wake franchise is will be available in the game from the 30th of January 2024.

In Alan Wake,the gifted writer Alan finds himself facing a supernatural evil force. In Bright Falls, the story of his latest novel begins to transcend the fictional realm and comes to life, trapping Alan in the process. He has to fight to escape the Dark Place, and promptly finds himself trapped again in the next horrendous adventure.

Dead by Daylight | Alan Wake | Official Trailer

The Alan Wake Chapter in Dead By Daylight features performances from both  Ilkka Villi, who played Alan in the live adaptation, and Matthew Porretta, who voiced Alan throughout the franchise. New voice lines were recorded exclusively for Dead By Daylight, bringing the character to life in an authentic way.

Alan joining the Dead By Daylight characters has been described as a “full-circle moment” by Mathieu Coté, Head of Partnerships at Behaviour Interactive. He reports that Dead By Daylight has been influenced by the Alan Wake franchise a lot, and that both worlds share lore elements that make this collaboration feel natural. A match made in Hell!

Together with the new character, a new modifier will be added to the game. Lights Out takes key tools away from the players to offer an even more terrifying game experience. Modifiers are a new system in Dead By Daylight. They change the gameplay experience of Trials slightly, offering a new and exciting experience for new and seasoned players alike.
Modifiers will be implemented in the game in the upcoming weeks.

If you are new to Dead By Daylight and want to purchase a copy of the game to enjoy Alan Wake on the 30th of January, you can get the game here:

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