Conan Exiles Age of War Castle Screenshot
Conan Exiles Age of War Castle Screenshot
Conan Exiles Age of War Castle Screenshot | Courtesy of Funcom

Age of War – Chapter 2: A New Dawn for Exiles

Discover the Blood-Stained Sands and Loot-Rich Lands in Conan Exiles’ Latest Expansion

Greetings, fellow Exiles! The world of Conan Exiles is embroiled in the tumultuous Age of War, where blood flows like a river and the promise of riches lures you deeper into the fray. Funcom’s lead designer, Dennis Douthett, is here to guide us through the thrilling new content unveiled in Age of War – Chapter 2.

Conan Exiles Age of War Exiled Lands Screenshot
Conan Exiles Age of War Exiled Lands Screenshot | Courtesy of Funcom

Purge Revamp

The Purge system has undergone a dramatic transformation, emerging as a deeply immersive and replayable challenge. You now wield complete authority over when and if a Purge occurs, as well as its level of difficulty. These clashes against Stygian invaders, led by the formidable Hand of War, have become a test of your Exile mettle. Defeating the Hand of War not only brings victory but also rewards that make the struggle worthwhile. Additionally, you can liberate imprisoned souls within the enemy camps.

Improved Loot

The loot system has received a significant overhaul, leaving no stone unturned, from the desolate desert beginnings to the zenith of your dominion. Loot now mirrors the culture, equipment, and environment of your adversaries, making it more valuable and practical. Chests have been strategically placed in camps and dungeon depths, tempting you with alluring treasures.

Combat and Dungeons

Small tweaks can lead to profound improvements. Combat has become a smoother experience with the ability to fine-tune the direction of your attacks and enhanced stagger consistency. Meanwhile, dungeons have received a makeover, introducing fresh dangers, enigmas, and rewards for daring Exiles to unearth.
Dungeons also have changes made to the loot drops, adding Legendary Chests to the end of Dungeons.

Conan Exiles Age of War Treasure Room Screenshot
Conan Exiles Age of War Treasure Room Screenshot | Courtesy of Funcom

Battle Pass & Bazaar Cosmetics

In Age of War – Chapter 2, not only can you build monuments of glory but also look the part. The paid Battle Pass and the Bazaar item store are brimming with cosmetics to elevate your appearance. Construct majestic pyramids, adorn yourself with fearsome warpaint, don the coveted Vendhya Treasure Hunter armor, and let your pack elephant carry your bountiful finds. And this is just the beginning of the riches in store.

Share Your Adventures

The Age of War has brought profound changes to Conan Exiles, from revamped Purges to enriched loot and more. We want to hear from you, brave Exiles! Share your thoughts on these new features and your most memorable moments from Age of War – Chapter 2 in the comments below or join our vibrant Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to discuss your adventures with fellow Exiles.

The world of Conan Exiles is vast and unforgiving. Are you ready to conquer it?

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