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Against The Storm – Roguelite City Builder Full Version Out Now

The dark fantasy roguelite city builder Against The Storm has successfully completed its Early Access phase and version 1.0 has been released – complete with a new game mode and a supporter’s pack for loyal fans. The game is also available on PC Game Pass now.

Since starting the Early Access phase, Against The Storm has undergone many improvements and changes. The game has received content updates every other week, including two new species and many new events, buildings and changes to the strategy layer and Blightstorms.

Against the Storm – 1.0 Launch Trailer | Dark Fantasy/Roguelite City Builder

Against The Storm is set in an apocalyptic world where rains are a great threat to any civilisation. As the Queen’s Viceroy, players have to attempt to re-build the civilisation and lead different races to secure a future for the next generation in the wilderness. Instead of building a single city, you develop a whole network of settlements populated by different races. Your settlement may succumb to the deadly rains, but that does not mean that the game ends. You can carry on with your resources when deploying for a new journey into the wild.

Every game will be different and with a large variety of gameplay modifiers and biomes, no two settlements will feel the same.

The Queen’s Hand mode is a new addition to the 1.0 version, and adds more late-game challenges for experienced players. This mode is similar to normal World Map expeditions, but poses extra challenges and difficulties. Queen’s Hand requires more strategic decisions and the willingness to survive.

If you feel like supporting the development of the game while getting a few digital goodies, the recently released Supporter Pack may be for you. The pack is available as a DLC for the game and includes the game’s Original Soundtrack, concept art sheets, a bundle of 4K wallpapers, and profile picture and emoji packs.

If you do not own Against The Storm yet, you can purchase a copy of the game here:

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