Amarantus Key Art
Amarantus Key Art
Amarantus Key Art | Courtesy of ub4q games

A Revolution in Storytelling: ‘Amarantus’ Sprouts this June

The Wait is Almost Over: ub4q Games’ Gripping Visual Novel Launches June 27th, 2023

The Australian-based gaming company ub4q, in partnership with renowned developer Ruqiyah, has officially announced the launch date for their latest gem, ‘Amarantus’. The greatly anticipated visual novel is set to debut on June 27th, 2023, promising an immersive gaming experience.

‘Amarantus’ explores themes of revolution and the intricacies of relationships through its protagonist, Arik. Following a sudden attack on his home, Arik embarks on a journey to challenge the realm’s oppressive ruler. The narrative, woven with fascinating interactions and relationships with old and new friends, hinges on player decisions, which shape Arik’s personality and motivations.

Set against the backdrop of a beautifully designed fantasy world, the game presents players with meaningful choices, influencing the evolution of relationships with four unique characters. In the spirit of true-to-life experiences, not all interactions in the game may lead to successful outcomes.

Along with its compelling narrative, ‘Amarantus’ brings a feast for the senses. Its distinctive aesthetic is enriched with comic-style insert artwork by award-winning artist Hien Pham. An immersive sound design sets the mood, complemented by an original soundtrack exuding post-rock vibes.

The game’s captivating journey can be sampled starting today. A demo is available as part of the Steam NextFest, providing around 45 minutes of gameplay that offers an enticing first look at the game’s defining character dynamics.

To experience ‘Amarantus’ in all its budding glory, download the demo via Steam or

We can’t wait to hear what you think about ‘Amarantus’! Make sure to let us know your first impressions, predictions, and theories by dropping a comment below or by heading over to the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. So, let’s get the conversation started – what choices will you make in Amarantus? Who will you befriend, torment, or romance?

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