Official Technology and E-Sports Partner Key Art
Official Technology and E-Sports Partner Key Art
Official Technology and E-Sports Partner Key Art | Courtesy of British Esports

A Powerful Alliance: British Esports Federation Partners with Dell and Intel for a 2-Year Collaboration

Joint venture targets the promotion of esports as an inclusive industry and underscores the link between gaming and critical skills development.

SUNDERLAND, UK – Today, British Esports, the national body known for championing grassroots esports in the UK, has announced an exciting two-year collaboration with tech powerhouses Dell Technologies and Intel.

In what’s being marked as the inception of an innovative series of alliances, the partnership seeks to highlight esports as an accessible, forward-thinking industry. A key aspect of this collaboration is the emphasis on how esports stimulates the evolution of 21st-century skills, innovates education, and directs economic expansion across a plethora of related sectors, including the STEM fields, creative and digital industries, and sports, among others.

As part of the alliance, Dell Technologies and Intel have been named the Official Technology and Hardware Partners, with Alienware, powered by the latest Intel® Core™ processors, becoming the Official Supplier of superior gaming PCs, monitors, and peripherals to both British Esports and the National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland.

British Esports, say they are thrilled to welcome these organisations who share its enthusiasm for esports and their potential to instigate change. In its unwavering commitment to high standards, the federation aims to unite a group of five official partners and five official suppliers. The role of these organisations will be pivotal in shaping and fostering the future of esports and education in the UK, and in inspiring innovation that leaves an enduring mark on the national esports scene.

To kick-start the partnership, British Esports, Dell, and Intel conducted a survey among students aged 11-17, seeking to understand their experiences with technology-based learning and their perception of 21st-century skills as they relate to their educational and career trajectories. The majority of the students surveyed saw great potential in the fusion of esports with academic subjects to boost their prospects of university admissions, provide hands-on industry experience, and equip them with STEM-related skills.

Beyond this, the students also identified other significant advantages. They believed that an esports-inclusive curriculum could provide a platform for those who might not excel in traditional academic disciplines, whilst also enriching their overall educational experience. The survey responses emphasised that the integration of esports in the curriculum could lead to the development of crucial 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and adaptability.

Chester King, CEO of British Esports, expressed his excitement about the new partnership, stating, “Collaborating with such industry-leading organisations who share our vision and values is a significant milestone. This partnership will ensure that the national esports performance campus will be equipped with state-of-the-art computing technology, delivering on its promise as the UK’s most advanced esports and education performance and training centre.”

“Working with organisations like the British Esports Federation and Intel we hope to raise awareness of how tapping into passions like esports could be the key to fostering the development of 21st-century digital skills,” said Steve Young, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Dell Technologies in the UK. “Watch a young person engage in esports and you’ll see them test hypotheses, think systematically, analyse data, and employ evidence-based strategies, as well as the technical proficiency necessary to play, film, edit, publish and connect.” 

So what does this mean for the future of esports and education in the UK? The possibilities are limitless. Now, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Do you think incorporating esports into the curriculum will benefit students and the wider education system? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join us on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

*The research was commissioned by Dell Technologies via market research agency OnePoll. It was undertaken between the 12th to the 16th of May 2023, speaking to children aged 11 to 17 via their parents.

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