Human Fall Flat 2 Key Art
Human Fall Flat 2 Key Art
Human Fall Flat 2 Key Art | Courtesy of Devolver Digital

A New Chapter of Laughter: Human Fall Flat 2 is Underway

Stumble and fumble anew in No Brakes Games’ bigger, better, and clumsier sequel.

No Brakes Games, the talented team behind the global hit Human Fall Flat, are back in the lab crafting a sequel that promises to be grander, more refined, and hilariously chaotic than its predecessor.

With its sights set on PCs and consoles, Human Fall Flat 2 is introducing an array of new elements designed to deliver laughs, challenges and fresh experiences for its passionate fanbase.

Human Fall Flat 2 | Game Announcement Trailer

The original Human Fall Flat’s charming blend of physics-based puzzling and slapstick comedy delighted players across the globe, racking up over 40 million copies sold worldwide. The sequel aims to build on this success with a wave of new content, including brand new levels packed with interactive elements, devices, and a multitude of tricky puzzles that can be tackled alone or in a group of up to eight friends.

The team at No Brakes Games promises a richer visual experience coupled with refined controls and a newly developed physics engine. Together, these enhancements are set to propel the slapstick experience to unprecedented heights, creating memorable, dynamic play sessions that will be different every time.

Furthermore, the game will introduce customisable characters for the first time. This feature promises to add a personal touch to your physics-fuelled antics and will undoubtedly produce some amusing creations from the community.

The studio, located in Tenerife and founded by the original creator of Human: Fall Flat, is committed to delivering top-quality gaming experiences whilst fostering a culture of trust, respect, and work-life balance among its employees. This ethos has been instrumental in the creation of their successful game titles and will undoubtedly permeate the development process of Human Fall Flat 2.

While there’s not yet a set release date, it’s clear that Human Fall Flat 2 has been under intense development for some time now. The team promises updates as the game edges closer to launch, with more information to be revealed later this year.

For now, fans and newcomers alike have plenty to be excited about. Stay tuned for more news on this clumsy, captivating and comedy-filled sequel in the meantime Human Fall Flat 2 is available to wishlist on Steam now.

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