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If like myself you are an avid flight sim lover or are just looking to fly around in super fast jets armed to the teeth in skies over the coastal and inland cities, airfields and mountains of the eastern side of the Black Sea, with a map size of more than 700km with the Caucasus map to Flying over Las Vegas in the Nevada Test and Training Range map. Then DCS World may be the pleasant time consuming Flight Sim for you. The free to play flight sim that has a try before you buy option on modules (standalone version) letting you play any number of modules for 14 days either singly or several at once within a six month period. I myself have trialled different modules to test which ones i like best before buying and have spent countless hours flicking through the manuals of Chucks Guides and repeating the most basic tasks performed in the skies like starting up the aircraft or taking off to better learn each of the modules I own , which may sound simple but can be fatal, as I have learned the hard way.

Recently i have returned to DCS World after a break and found myself in a peculiar situation reinstalling everything i need to jump back in the cockpit. I myself use a Tobii eye tracker 5 in game for its headtracking ability to look around in side the cockpit from the pilots perspective. Although there are a few different options for headtracking capabilities in DCS World i went with the Tobii hardware as it seemed like the most compact for my limited space and did not require me to add any more weight to my head via the TrackIR track clip or a VR headset. The reinstalling of the Tobii software was simple enough to install but getting it to work in DCS World was a headache that could have been avoided had i found the information required all in one place and not dotted around google searches and reddit posts.

So here it goes my guide to help you get Tobii eye tracker 5 to work in DCS World (without the headache).

So first of you want to make sure you have the most recent Tobii experience driver installed which can be found here https://gaming.tobii.com/getstarted/ and clicking on the Tobii EyeTracking Icon under where it says (1. Select the Hardware). While your here scroll down to the bottom of the page and download the Tobii Game Hub (you will need this for the next steps).

When all software is installed and the eye tracker is calibrated and ready open the Game Hub as administrator (This is a must for it to work in game) and move to the games tab along the top of the window. From the games tab beside Installed games there is a circular arrow, click this and wait to see if DCS World is detected. If DCS World is not detected you can manually connect it to the game hub. Just scroll down and find DCS World in the list of games it shows and click the folder icon and find the DCS World exe. in the location the game is installed. This is usully found in this location


To fix this go to the Eagle Dynamics folder and change the name of the ‘DCS World Beta’ folder to ‘DCS World’, It will now show up when looking for the exe.

At this point open DCS World and check to see if the headtracker is working, you can check this here:

If you still have no luck and the headtracker is not showing in DCS World there is one more step needed to get you flying.

First got to the TobiiGameHub folder found here.( It may not show so open options and make sure ‘show hidden files’ is checked.)

In this folder look or search for headtracker .dll file and copy. Next go back to your DCS World folder and look for the bin and bin-mt folders, go into each of these and paste the headtracker .dll file.

Now you should be ready to hop in that cockpit and look around as the headtracker should now show in the DCS world controls settings and should be functional in game. Fly safe pilot.


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