A Big Chase Starts in Crossout

Targem Games
Gaijin Entertainment
PC (Microsoft Windows), PS4, PS5, Xbox One
Release Date
May 30, 2017

The latest update brings a new battle pass season, a new map, a new PvE mode plus much more

Gaijin Entertainment have announced the release of the “Big Chase” update for their post-apocalyptic online action game; Crossout. This is the biggest, most in-depth update this summer featuring a new Battle Pass season, the long-awaited co-driver system, the return of a reworked “Chase” PvE mode, and the new “Peaceful Atom” PvP map. 

This ninth Battle Pass season will focus on the clash between the Syndicate and the Steppenwolf’s factions and will offer new vehicle parts from both of them as rewards For example, the huge AM-5 Avalanche assault mortar, the RA-1 Heather rocket artillery module with a new volley fire mechanic, the Miller heavy minigun, the Omamori passive protection module, as well as new structural parts and cosmetic items.

The new season of the Battle Pass will last until October 16th.

A new, and reworked co-driver system gives players even more options to finetune their vehicle before going into battle.

The update will bring eight new battle comrades, each of which have passive skills, as well as talents that can be activated. For example, the partner Jay prefers to shoot at enemies at a long distance, so he reduces the dispersion of the gun and increases the damage and the speed of the projectile. Another teammate, Phobos, prefers to attack stealthily, preying on single enemies and sneaking up on them from behind in stealth mode.

The “Chase” raid has been reworked and now returns to the Valley. It takes place on the new “Path of the Warrior” map where two Steppenwolf battle wagons await four Survivors who have sided with the Syndicate. The players’ mission is to stop and rob from the convoy before it escapes from the location. Here’s the catch, though. Both trucks are significantly armed and will not give up easily. Capturing one of them would give the Survivors only a part of the valuable cargo. Capturing both will lead to the full reward. 

Battles on the new Peaceful Atom PvP map will take place amongst vast industrial buildings like  the dilapidated hangars, old rails and rusty wagons. It’s an excellent place to capture some resources if you have time to get ahead of the raiders and the rest of the Survivors.

Check out the trailer for the latest update for Crossout below!

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