2D Soulslike Salt and Sacrifice invades Realms on PlayStation, PC Today

Ska Studios
Ska Studios
PC (Microsoft Windows), PS4, PS5
Release Date
May 10, 2022

The latest installment in the souls-like Salt and Sanctuary series summons its warriors to Altarstone Kingdom on PS4, PS5 and PC via the Epic Game Store today.

You are a Marked Inquisitor, a condemned soul tasked with hunting corrupted Mages as an ultimate act of penance for your past crimes.
Enter the realm of Alterstone Kingdom and see first-hand how the elemental magic wielded by the corrupted Mages has choked the life out of a once thriving land. Help to shape the fate of the fallen Kingdom as one of eight character classes and push back against the forces of evil. Hunt the Mages. Purify the land. Perhaps earn a shot at redemption.

Begin your journey in Pardoner’s Vale, a hub for hunters and merchants, and the last bastion of the frontier. Use the Mirrorgates to travel across the Kingdom, and in your travels, master the tools of the different classes. The spell-casting Sage. The formidable bow talents of the Ranger. All with skills that must be mastered to overcome the challenging environments of the frontier.

Succeeding in battle will mean new armaments, and potentially rare materials to bolster your weaponry. You will earn Salt from defeated enemies which you can use to upgrade your stats.

Embrace your fate as a Marked Inquisitor and engage in both PvE and PvP multiplayer, helping or hindering friends and foes alike. You can invite friendly faces to the Pardoner’s Vale Cooperation Board using a simple password system. Or, alternatively, summon random partners to the hunt using a Golden Candle.
There are many different paths for you to take as an Inquisitor, with factions to join, and allegiances to foster. Perhaps you’ll join the Oathbound Watchers, a group dedicated to protecting and aiding those that have been invaded by other players. Perhaps you’ll go the other way and join the Shroud Alliance, and be the one invading.

The choice is yours.

Salt and Sacrifice builds upon the foundation that made Salt and Sanctuary a fan-favourite soulslike. As a game largely developed by two people, we’ve worked tirelessly to build an experience that offers meaningful combat, exciting multiplayer options, and more. We can’t wait to see you all in Altarstone Kingdom!”

James Silva, founder, Ska Studios.

Check out the trailer for Salt And Sacrifice below!

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