Space Gears Key Art
Space Gears Key Art
Space Gears Key Art | Courtesy of 2Bytes

2bytes’ Space Gears to Debut Enhanced Demo at Steam Next Fest

Next-Gen Sci-fi Strategy Game to Showcase its Mars-Terraforming Mech Warfare After Applying Valuable Player Feedback

As the gaming community gears up for Steam Next Fest, the anticipation surrounding South Korean developer 2bytes Corporation’s forthcoming sci-fi strategy game, ‘Space Gears’, is mounting to near-fever pitch. Announced today by the parent company of Pentapeak Studios, an improved demo of Space Gears will be featured during the festival, which they say underpins their commitment to actively integrating player feedback.

Steam Next Fest, an event recognised for giving gamers early access to unreleased demos, is scheduled to take place from today until to June 26. It’s a perfect opportunity for gamers with a Steam account to delve into the exciting, new adventures that await them.

Space Gears Live Stream

Set in the 22nd century, Space Gears is an alluring strategy game centred around a war that ensues during the terraforming of Mars. As a player, you’ll be placed at the helm of an army of powerful mechs, setting foot on Martian soil and engaging in intense Player vs Environment (PvE), Player vs Player (PvP), and cooperative modes.

In response to the feedback gathered from the initial playtest of Space Gears in early June, Pentapeak Studios has polished the demo version which is set to feature during the Steam Next Fest. Gamers can expect pre-assembled mechs primed for immediate combat, a rebalanced warfare system, and a competitive PvP ranking system.

On the subject of the game’s participation in the event, 2bytes CEO and Executive Producer of Space Gears, Ham Youngchul said, “Space Gears’ first playtest yielded valuable insights from gamers across the world.” He added that they look forward to gathering more feedback during Steam Next Fest to fine-tune the game until its launch. He describes Space Gears as “an action-packed strategy game with elements reminiscent of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, evident in its squad-based combat system.”

The Space Gears playtest is live now on Steam where you can also wishlist Space Gears. Following the Fest, Space Gears plans to offer early access globally via Steam.

What are your thoughts on this next-generation sci-fi strategy game set to take Mars by storm? Are you excited about the strategy and gameplay elements that Space Gears brings to the table? We would love to hear your take on it! Comment below or join the discussion on our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. Let’s gear up for the next wave of Martian conquest!

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